Indra Kupferschmid is a German freelance typographer and professor at HBKsaar, University of Arts Saarbrücken. After studying visual communication at the Bauhaus-University Weimar she founded her own studio with Fred Smeijers in the Netherlands. There she is mainly working in publication design (print and screen), research projects about architecture and housing, typeface development for consumer-product interfaces and electronic devices.

For book printing, the typesetter in the case room compiles the texts for printing using individual letters. Letters or types are components of a lead typeface. The fonting scheme defines the number of types, which are supplied by the type foundry in the corresponding sizes (point), in a typeset. Because different letters dominate in each individual language, fonting schemes are ordered on a language-dependent basis.

The repeated characters, subtle integrated as blind embossing into the logo block of the dial, are a direct reference and quote to this old tradition.

Choosing the Helvetica® font as a muse, with its quintessentially Swiss values and style, has enabled the creation of a time-tested yet harmonious watch collection.

Helvetica No 1 Indra Kupferschmid Edition

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